Wisconsin Distributors Announces Partnership with Newly Released ‘Loverboy’ to Bring Sparkling Hard Tea to Wisconsin

Wisconsin Distributors continues to bring a world class selection of beverages to Wisconsin and are proud to add Loverboy, a new Sparkling Hard Tea created by BRAVO TV’s Summer House star Kyle Cooke.

(January 8, 2020) – Wisconsin Distributors proudly announces a partnership with Loverboy, a new line of naturally sweetened, gluten-free sparkling hard teas, introducing the brand in Wisconsin following its release to the New York, Massachusetts, and South Florida markets between July and December 2019. Loverboy, founded by entrepreneur and reality TV Star Kyle Cooke – best known for BRAVO TV’s Summer House – is the first sparkling hard tea on the market. Cooke created the brand with Co-Star and fiancé Amanda Batula, integrating the startup journey into the reality show.
Loverboy provides a hard seltzer-like product, but with higher quality ingredients and the familiar flavor of a lightly sweetened iced tea. The craft beverage is gluten-free and keto-friendly, contains zero sugars or artificial flavors, and features a perfect balance of organic brewed tea, botanicals, and monk fruit. As consumer demand for health-conscious beverages grows, Loverboy ensures a refreshing guilt-free sipping experience in three (3) varieties: White Tea Peach, Hibiscus Pom and Lemon Iced Tea. With only 90 calories 0g sugar and 4.2 % ABV per can, drinkers can sip Loverboy all day (and night) with no regrets.

“In recent years, there has been more pressure than ever to deliver quality food and beverage experiences that simultaneously please the health-conscious consumer and cater to those with dietary goals and restrictions,” explains Kyle Cooke, Founder of Loverboy. “Before the introduction of hard seltzer, the alcohol industry was relatively behind in satisfying demand for those seeking a ‘better-for-you’ drink. Loverboy relieves this pent-up consumer demand with a lightly carbonated hard tea that won’t weigh you down – literally and figuratively.”