Goose IPA and Hook’s 5 year cheddar

??Through the years, Goose Island IPA has taken home 6 medals from the #GreatAmericanBeerFest. It is a #hop lover’s dream! We believe it’s a cheese lover’s dream too. When pairing Goose IPA it is best served with an aged cheddar. After a recommendation from the Cheesemonger at Metcalfe’s Market, we snagged Hook’s 5 year ?. This extra sharp #cheddar is a crowd pleaser.

Starting with a sip of IPA, you’ll pick up on fruity hops with a touch of bitterness which is welcomed by the high fat content in the cheese. Your tastebuds will thank you as you move through the pairing and enjoy caramel notes produced by the nuttiness in the cheese ? and the maltiness in the beer. This is a pairing you should not pass up this #holiday season. ​