St. Bernardus Wit and Dreamweaver Goat Cheese

Dreamweaver goat cheese and St.B Wit??This cheese was also recommended to me by the friendly cheesemongers at Metcalfe’s Market and we had a completely different pairing planned. However, when you work in a beer warehouse you are surrounded by inspiration ?. Having said that, I stumbled across a case of St.Bernardus Wit and immediately changed my mind. I called together a group of coworkers to sit down and savor this tasting. Well that’s a lie…a group of us stood around a printer in the sign shop and dug in?

The pairing was exquisite; each sip and bite released new flavors. The cheese boasts a unique yeasty essence, loads of creaminess and a touch of acidity. It allows the beer to shine ✨…from bright and fruity to bubbly and smooth. I cannot recommend this pairing enough. A true delight during the most indulgent season!​