Designated Drivers

World Environment Day!

Budweiser is focused on water for World Environment Day (June 5): Water is a key ingredient in the brewing of our beers Water is vital to life in the communities where we live and work Budweiser [...]

Become a Good Sport!

A Comprehensive Action Plan for Promoting Responsible Fan Behavior As one of the world’s largest sponsors of athletic events, Anheuser-Busch has a long-standing relationship with the sports [...]

Family Talk about Drinking, Calling All Parents!

As students and their families celebrate prom, graduation, holidays etc., it’s the perfect time to share our underage-drinking prevention resources and messages, including our literature: Family [...]

S.A.F.E. Street Smart Program

Street Smart reminds teens and adults alike of the dangers of underage drinking, drunk driving, illegal drug use and not wearing seat belts. Taught by certified paramedics, this program helps [...]

We Card Together, Calling all Retailers!

Are you a retailer looking to promote your I.D. policy? We want to help you out! Annually, Wisconsin Distributors invests in We I.D. stickers for coolers, We I.D. legal age date calendars for [...]